Alternative Hair-Removal Options for Women with Fine or Light Hair

Posted on: 23 June 2016

If you are a woman with fine blonde or white hairs, you may have been disappointed to learn that laser hair removal treatments may not be effective for you. The traditional laser hair removal system targets dark pigments in your hair, heating them up until the follicle itself is damaged. Hair that lacks enough pigment, however, may not reach that necessary temperature. But being blonde or white haired doesn't need to doom you to a lifetime of shaving. Here are four alternative hair-removal treatments to discuss with your dermatologist. 

Exploring Less Permanent Methods

Even if you are unable to permanently remove your body hair, you can still at least stay smooth for longer periods of time than you could by shaving. Waxing and depilatory creams are the most popular of these options. Although either can be done at home with kits, it is usually better to schedule a regular appointment with your salon or dermatologist's office. When performed by a professional, waxing or applying a depilatory cream can significantly delay the return of your hairs. 

Slowing the Growth of New Hairs

Once you have stripped off your body hair, there are steps you can take to keep it at bay even longer. Certain prescription creams like Vaniqa® use a chemical called eflornithine to block other hair-stimulating chemicals in your follicles. The hair will grow back eventually, but after several weeks or months of treatment, you should need to shave less often. This cream is particularly popular for women who suffer from excess facial hair.  

Undergoing Electrolysis

If you have limited hair-removal needs or are very dedicated to smooth skin, electrolysis is another semi-permanent removal option. During an electrolysis procedure, tiny, sterile needles are inserted into each follicle. A small current of electricity is then run through the needle, destroying the follicle in the process. This hair removal plan is typically longer and more painful than laser hair removal, and as a consequence of that, electrolysis is usually only recommended for small areas like your bikini line or upper lip. It can, however, be the best choice if you are not eligible for laser treatments. 

Trying Different Laser Types and Settings

Laser hair removal was once very limited in its applicability, with both light and dark complexions being excluded from treatment. But newer technology has made it possible to treat hair and skin types across a much wider spectrum, though not all offices are equipped with these recent devices. If you haven't already, ask a dermatologist like Gateway Dermatology PC about the feasibility of using these alternative laser systems to remove your hair.