Pre-Teen Skin Issues That You Shouldn't Ignore

Posted on: 18 July 2016

If you're the proud parent of a pre-teen, your main concern may focus around their active social life and array of after-school activities. While it's easy to get caught up in the day to day bustle of life, don't ignore your teen's health, especially any health issues pertaining to their skin. Most skin issues are harmless and don't require any further care, while some may be the underlying cause of a more serious health problem.

Mole And Skin Changes

The years of early adolescence is a time where hormones begin to fluctuate in some children. With some pre-teens there are only slightly elevated hormone levels, while with others it could be a lot. Part of the hormonal changing process occurs within the melanocytes in the skin.  These cells determine skin darkening and can also have an impact on existing moles and if they change or grow. While skin cancer in children is rare, it's on the rise, especially with pre-teens. Always look for the ABCDEs of mole identification. Check to see if:

Asymmetry- Each side of the mole is different from the other side.

Border- A mole has a poorly defined or irregular border.

Color- The color in a mole varies from black, brown, tan or red.

Diameter- The mole's diameter is larger than the head of a pencil eraser.

Evolution- A mole changes shape and evolves over time.

A qualified dermatologist will be able to evaluate and test your child's skin further if necessary.

Oily Skin And Acne

Oily skin and frequent acne outbreaks are common with most pre-teens and teenagers. During the pre-teen years, your child's body is producing more sebum, allowing dirt to easily get trapped within her pores. Daily face washing and over-the-counter acne creams are generally enough to clear up an isolated acne outbreak. Acne and oily skin become a concern when there is an excessive amount of pimples and blisters on the face, leading to cystic acne. This could easily lead to an infection and eventually scarring. Talk to your child's dermatologist about a prescription-grade medication that can help get oil and acne under control.

Excessive Sweating

Sweating is a common skin issue for pre-teens especially in gym class and while playing sports. It can leave behind odor and wetness on the skin, but can be easily managed through good hygiene practices. In rare instances, excessive sweating could be the cause of an underlying health problem such as a:

  • Thyroid disorder
  • Nerve issue
  • Rare type of cancer
  • Disease or Infection
  • Severe hormonal imbalance

If your pre-teen isn't able to control sweat and odor with deodorant and frequent showers, it may be time to see her family doctor.

Athlete's Foot

Frequent foot issues that involve, itchy, burning, stinging and dry, flaky skin on the feet, often point to Athlete's foot or tinea pedis. If left untreated, it could lead to a widespread skin infection from excessive scratching. If the issue doesn't resolve on its own within a few days, schedule an appointment with your child's dermatologist or pediatrician to address and treat the skin issue.

If something seems a little bit off about your child's skin, don't hesitate to make an appointment right away with a dermatologist who specializes in childhood skin issues.