• Alternative Hair-Removal Options for Women with Fine or Light Hair

    If you are a woman with fine blonde or white hairs, you may have been disappointed to learn that laser hair removal treatments may not be effective for you. The traditional laser hair removal system targets dark pigments in your hair, heating them up until the follicle itself is damaged. Hair that lacks enough pigment, however, may not reach that necessary temperature. But being blonde or white haired doesn't need to doom you to a lifetime of shaving.
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  • A Few Commonly Asked Questions About Skin Cancer

    Skin cancer is a potentially lethal condition that many people will be unfortunate enough to develop. For those that are relatively ill-informed about this condition, it may be beneficial to have a few basic but important questions so that you will be better prepared for what to expect from this condition. How Is Skin Cancer Diagnosed? If you have an area of skin that has recently develop a growth or changed colors, you should have it examined by your dermatologist.
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  • Tired of Moles, Acne, and Hair Disrupting Your Complexion? These Are the Treatments You Need

    If skin problems often make you embarrassed to go out in public and you can't hide your skin problems with makeup, it may be time to get professional treatment from a dermatologist. If you don't like the moles, discoloration, acne scars, and other markings on your face, a dermatologist may be able to get you the clear complexion that you desire. A dermatologist isn't just going to help you make the skin healthy; a dermatologist can improve cosmetic problems as well.
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